Ken Levine should have hosted the Emmys

by Paul William Tenny

I really don't know why they don't bring someone in to do the Emmys, somebody like Ken Levine, that has been a working funnyman all his life. At least the Oscars had the guts to bring in Jon Stewart, but they won't let him run free which kind of defeats the point, right?. But man, the Emmys aren't even trying.

Ken's post about the broadcast was way more entertaining than the actual show was. This is my favorite bit:
Half the fun of the Emmys is the Pre-Emmys red carpet show. Local station, KTLA always has the best coverage. This year's co-hosts, lap dog to the stars, Sam Rubin and empty vessel, Jessica Holmes conducted the interviews with their usual stupefying flair. I was on the radio at the time and unable to watch but my daughter Annie, and her writing partner Brock did. They provide some of the highlights.

They couldn't pronounce Zeljko Ivanek's name, nor did they appear to know what show he's from. He helped them out (DAMAGES, for which he won) and then Jessica, who apparently had no questions, told him how much she likes ICE ROAD TRUCKERS.

And of course this was something that was in the back of everyone's mind last night whether they'll admit it or not: "And finally, what does it say about the American public's taste when this year's Best Drama lost every week in the ratings to SCOTT BAIO IS 45 AND SINGLE?"

Ratings are not a pure indicator of quality, we all know that every time Fox brags about 35 million people tuning in to watch their rigged contests -- and everyone else's for that matter. But at some point you have to question the wisdom of going against the grain to such a degree. When 14 million people watch House and like 1 million watch Mad Men, whose definition of best rings more true, the couple thousand judges at the academy, or the millions of people that have definitively picked House as their top drama (or damned near)?

For anyone in Azerbaijan saying, "What's MAD MEN?" don't feel bad. They're saying that in Iowa too.

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