Kristen Bell interviewed by Scifi

by Paul William Tenny

Kristen Bell
Evil baby, evil.
SCIFI Wire published a pretty lightweight interview with Kristen Bell this morning where she talked about her character's role in the upcoming third season of Heroes. It wasn't even certain that Bell would be coming back after the strike-shortened finale but I guess it just took some time for Tim Kring and company to figure out where they wanted to go with the series which would dictate who was coming back and how important their roles would be.

I wasn't really taken with Elle until the congested story lines began thinning out and some of the new characters gained some much needed depth. Here was an unquestionable evil and selfish young woman -- very similar to Nikki in that she isn't really what I'd consider a hero but satisfied the prerequisites of having inhuman "powers" -- who was actually driven by the need to please and be loved by somebody else, somebody also of questionable character, but she clearly didn't know how to get that without hurting people in the process.

That's what Heroes didn't have time for last season because they had too many characters and too little time. Nobody really got a fair shot to do their thing last fall, the strike did just what it was intended to do: it wiped everything out. Expectations were unreasonably high, anyway. Serial dramas have a peak and maybe Heroes hit theirs in the first year, like Prison Break. Even Lost fell off the pedestal pretty quickly.

I guess we'll all find out, the third season debuts in seven days.
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