Emmy Awards reminder

by Paul William Tenny

60th Emmy Awards
I forgot all about the Emmy Awards until this post by Ken Levine. Go there if you want the funny, stay here if you want the digs. You may want to drop by the summary I wrote back in July, or see every post I've written that had to do in some way with the awards. The only interesting news this year was that Katherine Heigl, last years winner for best supporting actress, supposedly pulled her own name from consideration this year because she didn't think she had earned a nod. She caught holy hell by blaming her writers for not giving her Emmy worthy material.

Word is the writer-producers (which includes creator and showrunner Shondra Rhymes) are so pissed at her that they are going to give her character holy hell this year before she declines a contract extension and runs off to movie land for good. You can of course read all about that mashup here.

Other than that, the cable series Mad Men landed 16 nominations total (third most) while House somehow only got 3. I've never seen Mad Men but my congratulations go out to them. But if House doesn't win Best (outstanding?) Drama this year, I'm so going to take a huge dump all over the Emmys.

The full nomination list is here, and I'll surely post something after the awards show airs on Sunday and any interesting links I find along the way.
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