'Jericho' Season 2 Bits (updated)

by Paul William Tenny

Date announced for Jericho Season 2 Premier...

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I'm going to start right off with this from TV.com:

Jericho fans know the deal: If the show does not get enough viewers, it will be canceled. If the attendance at the CBS program's panel at Comic-Con this year is any indication, there is a bit of work to do.

At this point I have got to point out that Jericho has already been canceled, and this new run of seven episodes is not a renewal, nor is it a second season. This is an experiment to see if the show can be produced for less money which can be conveniently used as a mid-season replacement when some of the other new fall and spring shows inevitably die off, the same way Jericho did.
To pretend that this limited-run is a second season or that the show had in fact been renewed after much indecision is delusional. The show was canceled, the sets were struck, its timeslot given away, and most importantly, no advertising was sold for it which meant no big money for the expensive drama.

As Tim Surette points out, Jericho fans (of which I am one of them) need to actually do the hard work now that they've been given another shot here. Buying a box of nuts with your credit card over the Internet while sitting on your fat ass signing digital letters that you didn't write was the easy part, the part that required zero real effort. Now you've got to go out into the world, leave that office chair for a few hours, and convince other people that have never seen the show to sit on their fat asses and boost the ratings.

Otherwise, Jericho is going to get the axe for a second time, and there's no coming back from that.

News coming out of Comic-Con is that the United States government is set to play a foreground role in the new limited-run series, unlike the first season which revolved around the town and inhabitants of Jericho, which was just getting warmed up to a skirmish with a neighboring town over food supplies.

Esai Morales is set to join the cast as a (former?) member of the military. The story line which was intended to run a full season had to be severely condensed to fit the limited order from CBS, which could play in its favor for people who thought the story was unfolding too slowly, or against it by leaving no time for the subtle moments that gives a series its character.

Now that the old sets have been rebuilt, an expense that certainly will weigh heavily on the minds of the shows producers, it's anybodies guess as to whether or not they'll succeed where virtually no other series has. CBS has given token acknowledgment to its part in the ratings decline, which saw Jericho lose nearly thirty percent of its audience due to a forced three-month long hiatus.

New episodes of Jericho are currently in production with no return date currently set.

Update: 4:04PM EDT
I've written a follow-up to this story with a response to a couple of messages in the CBS forum for Jericho.

Update: August 29th
The first season DVD box set of Jericho is available for pre-order on Amazon for $34.99, and will be released on October 2nd '07. You can also download all 23 episodes from Amazon Unbox, though you'll have to deal with DRM and a Windows-only video player. You can get em right now though!
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My wife and I followed Jericho since the first episode and loved it! We were shocked to hear of its cancellation, which is why I'm on the search to see if any more episodes will be televised and when. How this show gets cancelled and other shows stay on air is beyond me. Please keep this going!!
Well im glad to see that jericho is kind of renewed for at least 7 episodes. but if they are thinking of crushing a full season into 7 episodes then i think its going to be horrible... all i have to say is look how rushed was the ending of stargate SG1 was, they left it open to sooooo many questions and look how horrible people thought the end was.. just hope CBS don't do that with jericho.. would be a waste of CBS biggest answer to heroes.
i hope something can be sorted out about a new 2nd season of jericho. i loved the first season. its being shown in the uk soon i will be watching it again. come on cbs do the right thing for your uk audience and get a full season going.
Boy are the kids going to be upset to find out that Jericho has been cancelled!!!!!!!! We have been checking the listings on the tv every night thinking that they had changed either the channel it was to be aired on or the day. The four of us have seen every episode last season and loved it. Can't understand why a series like this is cancelled when there are so many out there that aren't even worth turning the tv on for. Sure hope the network gets it's act together soon.
I can't beleive they said they didnt have enough people that watched the show everyone i know watched it people on the internet watched it that i know and to hear that tons and tons of people sent nuts to cbs guess the watched it 2 then they keep stupid stupid shows on and take away the good ones what the hell is cbs doing makes me mad i watched jericho from the first one to the last and now im pissed
My son got me hooked on Jericho. I don't have a TV, so I watched it on the Internet. Just when I was hooked, they cancelled. I watched every single episode and went back to watch again, when the first one was available for free from iTunes. I really miss this show!! Best show on television.
My husband got me hooked on this show. I rarely follow a show for a whole season, but I was totally hooked on Jericho. I got friends and family to watch too, and was shocked when it wasn't renewed. I really hope they bring it back.
Difficult for me to believe that the current methods for measuring viewing habits are anywhere near accurate. Everyone I know loved Jericho. I agree that Jericho is one of the best shows I've seen on TV the past few years.

Jericho cancelled this is ridiculous, I watched it from the beginning my daughter also got hooked and when it finished on the cliff hanger we couldn't wait for it to return in as we thought october. And now hearing nothing I thought I would google to see when we could get to see the second series. Absolutely dumbfounded It was a great concept and well acted easy to watch......BRING IT BACK>
Jericho is a fine show, up there with BSG & Heroes IMO. I really think with the right advertising this will be a really big show. From the 1st episode I was hooked, I and think it will do very well with none US syndication and would make a great addition to the Virgin 1 line up. I will be picking this up on DVD for sure.
I just finished washing the first season on DVD - to refresh my memory and because i missed a couple episodes.

I liked it from the season premier - I thought the subject matter was something EVERYBODY should think about. To see people fighting that have known each other for years - as said in the last episode - the neighboring town was where the nearest Costco was...now they are having an all out battle. It's good "food for thought" and I hope season 2 brings in more people.

If you're reading this and you haven't been watching Jericho - get the 1st season, buy it, rent it, whatever! Then you too will be hooked and will be waiting with bated breathe for season 2!
I just finished the Season 1 - in less than a week and I have a full time 8-6pm job! I was that hooked.
Came online to check when the Season2 would air, only to see that it's been cancelled? Bring it back!!!
My wife and I love this show. We have been following the news from when it was decided to cancel to the limited return. I feel that the fan base is very different from most shows being killed after one season. I feel we are many and passionate about the solid program. Am I dillusional? How can this one get killed when the likes of Ghost Whisperer from CBS and Bionic Woman and K-ville form the competition are out there. How does that crap stick around?
Any way we the fans could convince another network to pick it up? Of course they would have to buy the rights from CBS, but.... It just doesn't seem that CBS wants it to succeed.
I still don't understand how this show got cancelled. I discovered it by accident one night just flipping channels. After the first 2 episodes I started telling people at work about it, they told family, so on and so forth. Not once did I ever hear of someone not liking this show. Maybe if CBS would put some money into advertising they would get better responses. Here it is almost november and still no one knows when the next "season" is going to air. It's like they want it to tank
I watch allot of TV series from a mail rental that I have. I usually watch the series but this time my husband watched the first eposode with me and we were hooked big time. Being children of the 50's & 60's we related to the story line right away. We both remember the drills in school if a nuclear attack would happen. With all that aside, Jericho is one of the best series that I have watched in awhile. I agree with Thunder I have never saw it advertised. I cant believe CBS would cancel it. I feel it has not been marketed at all!! The story line is great and after every eposode we are left in suspense. The actors are great. I can't believe they would cancel this program, and leave all the other trash on.
I just came online to check when the 2nd season of Jericho will be hitting our screens in the UK, but to hear that its cancelled is unbelievable!!!! Jericho is amazing and a brilliant storyline, please bring it back!!!!!
How does crap like reality tv stay on the air when CBS cancelles a show like Jericho. I see things like survivor and big brother that drag on about the same things every week. And there things that don't matter . Their basically like "oh no, I broke a nail." Then survivor is the same thing every year except, wait a minute! This year, they aren't on an island, they are on a pennisula!!!

Jericho had everything. It had good characters. It had good writing. And it had a good story because when you think about it, this is possible. Countrys throughout the world still have nukes, and plenty materials to make more.What if that is what the world would have been like if the Cuban Missile Crisis had turned bad.
Bring it back already damn it... i dont know why they wait so long to release the 2nd season,people are losing interest hurry up!
why why why the best tv i have seen in ages has been canceled and left on a nail biter cliff hanger. it was all round great tv show ever and i will be not inpressed with CBS if thay dont get season two up and running soon.
The problem with Jericho, which was the reason I stopped watching the show, was that it didn't deal with the problems on a nuclear attack HONESTLY. Everybody hid in a basement in the second episode and when the rain storm stopped, THE RADIATION WAS GONE. In reality the radiation would linger in the air and soil for YEARS.

Next the food supply would have been contaminated and yet magically they are harvesting corn that was out in the open field when this rain and radiation settled on it with no problems.

Third they were still driving around in their cars for months with no gasoline from the outside available. Everyone was allowed to operate out of their own homes instead of some governmental agency (i.e. town government) trying to get people to share and somehow conserve valuable resources which couldn't be replaced with nothing coming in from the outside.

Fourth they always seemed to have an inexaustable supply of alcohol at the local tavern or at least the knowledge to produce their own. All this was taking place and trade for the most part was commencing when PAPER MONEY would become totally worthless one second after the dust settled from the first bomb.

I could go on all night with these, but I hope you get the picture. If you are trying to get a realistic picture of life in a small town and ignore what would really happen (UNLESS YOU SUSPEND REALITY AS IN LOST) this is what will happen. People stop watching because you aren't thinking out what it would really be like.

My answer is to get better writers. Oops they are all on strike!
I have just bought the first season on DVD and my husband and I are up to the start of disc 3 and we are loving it, its a shame if it has been cancelled as it has been really enjoyable (it has to be good for hubby to be staying up to watch it.

It seems all the shows I get in too never make it, whilst I agree with Bob's comments above if they did make it according to what would really happen then they would all die wouldnt they!! and then we would be right back to where we are now NO SEASON 2!!!!!!!!

come on guys KEEP IT GOING.
Bob, ur an idot
this is a fantastic show, season 1 just about to end here, has got to be the best programme on british t.v for ages, just hope itv 4 (u.k t.v channel) will show the next season
bring it on
Just finished watching the first series of Jericho here in the UK. I can't believe that CBS thought about cancelling. For the past 23 weeks, my wife and I have been glued to our TV set. Its been by far the best series I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of great shows over the years). Can't wait for series two to hit our screens. Thanks again for running such a great show!
Duane Nunn

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