Jericho Season 2 Preview from IGN

by Paul William Tenny

IGN continues to talk with the producers of Jericho and visit the set in the final days and weeks of production on the new limited-run of seven episodes that CBS ordered after a fan revolt, following the cancellation of the series earlier this year. Though little has been revealed up until this point, we do know that the United States military that was briefly seen in the season finale will play a permanent role in the new episodes as a stabilizing force between Jericho and New Bern, though not necessarily making the town and its situation stable all around.

Though the first new episode will pick up where the last one left off to give us an idea of how that confrontation was resolved, or even if it was resolved, the remaining episodes will not linger there for long. Instead, they will focus primarily on the events after the fight with New Bern.

IGN was shown the first five minutes of the "season 2" premier, even though this isn't really a second season, and spoke with producers Karim Zreik, John Steinberg, and Dan Shotz they've printed a Q&A with the fellas on getting the band back together, and what we might expect from the new episodes.

Still no word from CBS on when they will air, be it later this year, or sometime in 2008, though it is expected to be the spring of 2008 at the latest.


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