Stephen King Digs Jericho

by Paul William Tenny

Just posting this for Jericho fans, this isn't news by any means, but I thought you might like to know about this. Stephen King has column at Entertainment Weekly (what a waste of a place) where King writes about "pop dope", the stuff you've just got to have when it comes to culture. McDonalds, Harry Potter, etc. It's a great little read and there was this bit that caught my eye, because I know how fans of Jericho scour the net for any and all information related to the show. I thought it was cool, and I bet they will too.

And sometimes you get the good stuff. Take Battlestar Galactica. Excellent pop dope! I've been downloading season 3 from iTunes at a faster and faster clip, sending them over to my TV by way of some agreeable Macintosh juju, and then pigging out. I know one of the major characters dies, but not which one. My money's on that tough old geezer with the eye patch. And yes, I really think about these things. Maybe I shouldn't, I'm sure it's not cool, but I can't help it. Pop dope, baby. It gets into your brain and just simmers.

Also, the pusher sometimes gives up a little extra. More Jericho episodes, for instance. Radical!, as we used to say in the glory days of my youth, when I stood for 45 minutes in the pouring rain, waiting to buy a ticket to see Bonnie and Clyde.

Good enough for Stevie, good enough for me.


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