Jericho on DVD, Turteltaub on Jericho

by Paul William Tenny

While skimming through some older news, I found a couple of stories related to Jericho on IGN and BuddyTV. The latter talks about the impending release of Jericho season 1 on DVD on October 2nd, and a charity website where you can donate funds that will be used to buy the box sets when they come out, which will then be sent to military service members overseas. I have absolutely zero information on that site, which you can get linkage to from BuddyTV, so donate money at your own risk.

I mean, it's a great thing to do in theory, but not everything on the Internet is legitimate. There are lots of scams out there taking advantage of people, and all I'm saying is use some common sense.

IGN has a short writeup of a visit by John Turteltaub to USC where he talked about the fans bringing it back from the grave and the show itself.

"To me, Jericho is a wish fulfillment show, as crazy as that sounds," Turteltaub said. "Obviously, the notion of millions of people getting killed is not the wish-fulfillment part. That part is asking yourself, "If I were one of a few people left on earth, how would I make it?" The desert island idea. Figuring out what would be the brand new landscape of society if the rules went away. What parts of American society do we take for granted? What would we miss and what would we be happy to see go? That just sort of stays in the thematic background and then you say, 'Ok, who are some interesting people who I'd like to thrust into conflict each week?'
It's short, but interesting. Hit up the rest at IGN for more Turteltaub on Jericho. Sadly there is nothing brewing on the Jericho Season 2 front, only that as IGN notes, the show will return to the air with all-new episodes beginning in January.


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