Jericho Season 2 Premier Date Set

by Paul William Tenny

Fans of the canceled and then resurrected CBS drama Jericho shall rejoice thusly: a date has been set for the premier of the limited-run second "season" on Tuesday, February 12th in the ridiculously late time slot of 10pm EST where people are guaranteed not to watch it. It's nice that CBS is using Jericho to prop up its schedule right around the time it, along with every other major network, will have expended their new programming for the year due to the writers strike.

The new episodes of Jericho were written and shot well before the strike began in the first week of November. Due to the lack of other original scripted programming, Jericho may well benefit in the short term in the ratings against a heavy flood of reality shows - though with only seven new episodes to air, it may not end up making a difference in the shows prospects for a new order.

Jericho debuted to respectable ratings initially, but suffered a severe drop after being placed on a months-long hiatus by CBS which the network has grudgingly acknowledged made the situation worse. The second "season" was shot on a reduced budget and a smaller scope of story telling with the potential for another order, should those ratings improve.
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