CBS Has Message for 'Jericho' Fans

by Paul William Tenny

Save the show, buy the DVD, save it again.

It could just be marketing, but there is an implicit threat in this message that is well worth heeding if you're a Jericho fan. If you enjoyed the first season, buying it on DVD will go a long way towards making CBS more interested in producing more Jericho. CBS is the only entity behind Jericho right now, where the network arm airs it, and the studio arm produces it. Normally the studio that produces a show isn't the one that airs in, and in many cases, competing studios and networks will work together to bring a show to air.

In those cases, the network couldn't care less about what you do with the DVDs since they don't get a cut from their sale, only the studio does, because the studio is who owns the show in the first place. But since CBS is pulling double duty, it's twice as important to buy the DVDs - the more money they get on the backend, the more money they'll have to spend on productions, giving Jericho and their other series more breathing room.

I know a lot of fans seem satisfied that the show got a limited-series order for more episodes as CBS floats it like a bouy to see if it can get better ratings than it did the first time around. That is just not good enough I'm afraid. If this show doesn't get more viewers than it did before, it'll could go right back to the TV graveyard, DVDs or no DVDs.


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I didn't buy the DVD set but I rented it. Does that do any good? Seems if the rental places buy it and it gets rented a lot that too is a good sign...but maybe not enough revenue?

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