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Megan Fox is so toast

Fox is dumping its reality channel, a size-four model was fired for being too fat, and Joss Whedon's horror flick is being pushed back a year; Quick Links hath returned.

Megan Fox has found her true calling

Megan Fox has found her true calling, and it ain't acting.

Stargate Universe, Dollhouse gain viewers

Stargate Universe built its viewership from the pilot to the second episode, and Dollhouse grew a bit week-to-week but found 50% more people when DVRs are factored in, one of the best on all of television.
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Polanski went back on his settlement with rape victim

A link to a list of Hollywood celebs demanding the release of child rapist Roman Polanski, and news that he agreed to settle a civil suit with his victim but never even paid up.

Arrested Development script doesn't mean much

A script being in the works for an Arrested Development movie probably doesn't mean what you think it means.

Top 5 posts for September 2009

The top 5 posts for the month of September, 2009.

This is how the networks can win the ratings war

Nearly every show is losing viewers on Friday night and here are a few things the networks can do to reverse that trend.
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Stargate Universe does good numbers, but not great

Stargate Universe premiered to less than stellar numbers, but acceptable if it can maintain or even build. (Full pilot episode embedded in post)
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NBC absolutely needs new series to work

NBC wins a bidding war over a spec pilot from J. J. Abrams, while wonderboy's most recent series Fringe is now struggling.
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