Top 5 posts for September 2009

by Paul William Tenny

Since September was for the most part what I consider my halfhearted attempt to resurrect the blog, I figure it might be a good idea to lists the top 5 posts written during that month.

Stargate Universe: "This is not a game."1. Stargate Universe is a Promising Show Worth Seeing (3,491 reads)
I guess September was Stargate month because the most read posts were all revolving around the Stargate TV franchise. This post contains my first impression of Stargate Universe, but it is not a review. These are just the first thoughts that popped into my head and really misses a lot of things that I got on the second time around.

2. Rape Ain't What it Used to be (2,295 reads)
There is an episode late in the first season of SGU that hasn't even been shot yet which was stirring up emotions with some fans that think the series producers were treating rape nonchalantly. I found their complaints utterly without merit, and caught holy hell for it.
3. Stargate Universe review (Part 1); "We're here. That happened." (1,754 reads)
Part one of my review of the SGU pilot published in September 11th, which to my knowledge was the first true review anywhere online or off.

4. Photos from inside the Stargate Universe presskit (1,347 reads)
The presskit sent out by MGM/SyFy was literally a book with glossy photos of the cast, and short bios on the cast and production crew. A couple of pictures I put online from the post below in which I complain about presskits got a warm reception amongst fans of the franchise (for a few bad pictures I took of the SGU presskit), so I scanned the entire book and created a photo gallery for it for fans to enjoy.

5. SyFy really knows how to promote a show (SGU) (1,249 reads)
In which I continue my yearly tradition of complaining about how terrible FOX's press department is, and how great SyFy's is. Did well because of a handful of photos of the press kit.

The only post which broke into the top 5 that wasn't written in September was this one I wrote about Miley Cyrus, which continues to be my all-time views champ due to perverts searching for pictures of underage girls.


Good news for myself and this site is that when SGU premiered this past Friday (October 2nd), a lot of people started hitting Google for reviews of the pilot. For some reason, I'm the #1 and #2 non-news result for if you search for "stargate universe review" (without quotes), and a flood of people hit this site bringing the reads for #3 and the unranked part 2 up much higher, looking something like this as of 1am Monday morning:

1. Stargate Universe review (Part 1); "We're here. That happened." (5,656 reads)
2. Stargate Universe is a Promising Show Worth Seeing (4,346 reads)
3. Stargate Universe review (Part 2); "This is not a game." (2,439 reads)
4. Rape Ain't What it Used to be (2,421 reads)
5. Damn those disturbingly hot 15-year-olds (2,267 reads)

Traffic over the last 34 days runs about 25,000 views, which would be my best month on record if a serious chunk of that had not come Oct 2-4. Oh well, hope everyone enjoyed this stuff.
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