Megan Fox is so toast

by Paul William Tenny

Michael Bay may kill off Megan Fox's careermichael-bay.jpg (SciFi Squad)

FOX is dumping its reality channel (The Wrap)

Mel Gibson is back where he belongs -- in front of the camera (AICN)

Jenni Miller runs down Roland Emmerich's latest assault on Earth, 2012 (Cinematical)

Expert says producer probably committed accounting fraud in the Crash lawsuit (LAT)

Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods is taking a year off to covert to useless 3D (Shock Till You Drop)

Ralph Lauren fired a size-4 model for being too fat, after photoshopping her so badly that her head was wider than her waist (MSNBC)

Is Leno helping or harming NBC? (Studio Briefing) [you have to ask? -- ed.]

Paramount shows signs of intelligence, cuts theater-to-DVD window for G. I. Joe to 88 days (THR)

Toy Story 3 gets a trailer (SCI FI Wire)

Lance Henriksen may do a Millennium feature film as an indy prod without Chris Carter (SCI FI Wire)

California's actor-governor is passing unconstitutional laws that only benefit actors (Studio Briefing)

MGM seems very pleased with the premier ratings of Stargate Universe; Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich still want to do sequels to the original movie (Futon Critic, SCI FI Wire)

Wanted fugitive Roman Polanski is still making movies..from jail (Reuters)
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