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Diablo Cody/Megan Fox horror flick crashes, burns.

Megan Fox after Transformers + Diablo Cody after Juno and a TV show + horror = a $2.7 million flop.
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Variety's pay-wall will create opportunity for bloggers

Variety will go behind a pay-wall similar to the Wall Street Journal in 2010, without anything worth paying money to read.

Stargate Universe review (Part 2); "This is not a game."

Part 2 of an exclusive review of Stargate Universe.

Stargate Universe review (Part 1); "We're here. That happened."

Part 1 of an exclusive review of Stargate Universe.

Rape ain't what it used to be

Accusations of rape taken lightly are, well, not to taken so lightly. Things like this are why prejudging something you've never seen is a bad idea.

WGA lets Leno off the hook for strike breaking

Jay Leno has been absolved of strike breaking after he returned to writing during a strike. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Stargate Universe is a promising show worth seeing

My first impression of Stargate Universe after watching the three part series premier -- but this is not a review or my write-up just yet.

Writers' earnings plummet 18% in 2008

According to the Writers Guild, pay for writers suffered a steep decline in 2008 due at least partially to a strike, down nearly 18% across film and television, the second year in a row TV saw a falloff in pay.
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Photos from inside the Stargate Universe press kit

A new image gallery featuring high resolution scans of the entire Stargate Universe press kit book.

SyFy really knows how to promote a show (SGU)

While Fox continues to stonewall small fish bloggers like me over screeners, the SyFy Channel has sent out a press kit that puts all others to shame forever.
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What will Disney do when Marvel runs out of gas?

Even Marvel's extensive collection of characters can't last forever; what will Disney do when the best material has been mined, and will their $4 billion deal be worth it looking back?

Accusations of lying between John Wells and John Bowman

Accusations between WGA Presidential candidate John Wells, and former neg-com chair John Bowman, and an attempt to erase at least some of it from history.
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Full feeds now

Update to the ATOM feed: full posts again.

MacGruber? Do we really need this?

A movie, based on an SNL sketch, which is parodying a show from the 80s. This cannot end well.

Fringe reruns will feature cast commentary via Twitter

Fox plans to air on-network reruns of Fringe and Glee this fall that include a live stream of Twitter comments by the cast and producers, something SpikeTV has been doing for a while now, but only with fan commentary previously.
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