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IGN's top 50 sci-fi TV shows that aren't actually sci-fi

IGN's list of top 50 science fiction TV shows is missing something important: science fiction TV shows.

Trailer: Falling Skies

Trailer for Steven Spielberg's newest TV series staring Noah Wyle, "Falling Skies".

TV Guide: V may wipe out a third of its cast

By the time V sees its season finale next month, as few as two main characters may be all that are left standing.

Trailer: Certified Copy

Movie trailer for independent "Certified Copy".

Trailer: Thor

Movie trailer for "Thor" (May 6th 2011).

Trailer: Hersher

Movie trailer for "Hersher" (April 2011).

What 202 digital media pirates say about piracy

What 202 digital media pirates had to say about what they do, and why they do it.

Trailer: Apollo 18 (HD)

High-Definition trailer for "Apollo 18" (April 22nd 2011).

Six experts give odds on the survival of bubble shows

The predictions from six TV writers are combined for each network show on FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The CW. Is your show toast?

Trailer: Transformers - Dark of the Moon

Trailer for "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" (July 1st, 2011)

Comcast privately threatened network discrimination against Netflix

Netflix's SEC filings reveal threats from Comcast to cut if off from cable customers.

Ratings poo

The latest ratings are in and it's ugly for everyone but CBS. Fringe is down and probably on its way out while House is coming back. NCIS is destroying everything, including V, which is drawing dead.
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Product placements get on-screen warnings in the UK

Product placements, which had previously been banned, will now require regular on-screen warnings in the UK. Meanwhile in the United States...not so much.

7 (not) sci-fi series in danger of not seeing another season

The abuse and destruction of the term "science fiction" has gone too far when it covers ghosts, vampires, and sitcom comedies.

Media sees what it wants to see

Kevin Smith losing weight is an opportunity for the media to do what it does best: write fiction.

Game on: iOS 4.3 beta hints at Apple TV with gaming support

The next version of Apple's signature mobile operating system has clues to pointing towards gaming support coming to Apple TV.

Expendables Producers Begin Process Of Shaking Down Thousands For Cash

The producers of The Expendables have begun suing movie downloaders according to TechDirt.

Piracy didn't kill Stargate Universe, or anything else

So few people pirate shows online, compared to the massive number of people that watch them live on television, that it's highly unlikely that any show has ever be killed by piracy. But there is another explanation for what happened to SGU.

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