Six experts give odds on the survival of bubble shows

by Paul William Tenny

The Big Bang Theory screener.

I wish I had thought of this. Metacritic's feature editor Jason Dietz collected the "expert" predictions of six TV writers, throwing more speculation on the "will they or won't they" pile. He compiled the results into several nifty tables which appear to rank the possibility that a show will be renewed on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being DOA, and 5 being a lock.

Every major network has been covered, and even The CW has been thrown in for fun.

Some quick spoilers:

FOX: Running Wilde, The Good Guys, and Lone Star are already dead. Lie to Me is probably done. Fringe appears to be a coin flip, perhaps leaning slightly towards renewal.

The CW: Has nuked Life Unexpected and Smallville is ending naturally.

CBS: Medium is gone after seven seasons (five on NBC, two on CBS). Split opinions on Shit my Dad Says. The Defenders is probably gone.

ABC: V probably won't make it unless it gains some viewers, and it won't need many to push its odds above 50%. Detroit 1-8-7 is drawing dead. Castle, Grey's, and Private Practice are already greenlit.

NBC: The Cape is drawing dead while Case was already canceled. Perfect Couples, which Olivia Munn left G4TV's Attack of the Show for, looks dead. The Event is on life support but NBC seems to like this show and might defy conventional wisdom. 30 Rock is the only series to have already gotten picked up on the entire network. Law & Order SVU looks good. The re-tooled (recast) Law & Order Los Angeles (which I really liked) is "on the bubble", which is doubtful. More like wishful thinking from haters.

Find your favorite show by clicking through and checking out the tables yourself.

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