Product placements get on-screen warnings in the UK

by Paul William Tenny

Ofcom has today unveiled the logo that broadcasters must use to warn viewers that UK-produced programs contain product placement. From February 28, British television shows will be able to show commercial brands and products for the first time under relaxed regulations brought in by the government. Under Ofcom's new guidelines, all commercial broadcasters will have to show the new logo for three seconds at the start and end of programs containing product placement, and after any ad breaks.

The way corporations control the American government, resulting in less and less regulation every year and a flood of lawsuits anytime a new and totally benign regulation does get passed, this kind of pro-consumer information will never happen here.

It's not hard to spot most product placements since traditionally, TV shows will go out of their way to avoid showing the brand name of a company that's not paying them anything. When you're watching an episode of Fringe, and a car chase begins, and the camera zooms in tightly on the back of the car showing its model name, that's pretty hard to ignore.

Apple has been paying studios to put Mac laptops in their shows for years.

It must be nice to live in a country where the government looks out for you more than it does Ford and Apple. (h/t digitalspy)

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