Ratings poo

by Paul William Tenny

AICN has the latest network-wide ratings for the big four, and there's not much good news to go around. Virtually every show is down from last week and far too many shows are hitting series lows.

Fringe is down and definitely on the bubble. If it were on any other network, I'd probably call it a dead duck. It probably won't get a fourth season order if the ratings continue to drop, which is seriously bad news for fans (beyond the fact that the show will be gone). Series creator J. J. Abrams said during a January press event that it's unlikely the alternative universe storyline could be wrapped up if FOX cancels the series, even if they get a decent warning.

House is doing well for now but has been losing viewers ever since its second year (13 million at launch, 19 million peak in year 3, 12.8 million last season up slightly from year 5). Bones is up after the winter break. Mid-season newbie The Chicago Code looks to be dead on arrival.

Almost all of CBS' shows are doing well and I think it's safe to say it has supplanted FOX as the top network. CSI has fallen badly over the past two seasons and may be mortal after all, but it's not going anywhere in the next year or two. The NCIS franchise is still a monster. Hawaii Five-O is doing very well, but may actually be underperforming with the kind of expectations this network has created for itself.

V is not doing well and I don't see it making it to the fall. Detroit 1-8-7 is probably toast as well.

NBC is NBC, so almost everything is doing poorly. If they don't get their act together, we're going to talk about NBC and CW in the same sentence.

Read the full list (with little analysis, so you're on your own) here.

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