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Forget obscure movies, Oscars can't even find obscure winner

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences went so obscure for this honorary Oscar that it can't even find the winner.

This exists: a Hans Landa doll, and more in quick links

A creepy Hans Landa doll, vampires raking in billions, rare ratings victories for NBC, and more..

Worst Pun of the Day: IGN

IGN wins today's Worst Pun in the World award for cross-medium puns against humanity.

Chris Nolan is evil, David Goyer is stale, and more in quick links

MGM inches closer to not imploding, Christopher Nolan admits he's a sick bastard, David Goyer is both talented and completely unoriginal, and more..

Is the WGA-East itching for another strike?

If Variety is to be believed, some elements within the Writers Guild of America-East may be itching for another strike.

Apple's next move: ruin the online TV market

Apple's attempts to muscle into the online TV market will result in higher prices and represents a step back in innovation.

Network PR spin makes politics look like amateur hour

The contortions the big four networks twist themselves into in order to claim a ratings victory are so ridiculous that often times, two networks will claim to have "won" the same week at the same time.

Lost/Stargate prop auctions, lawsuits, Potter test screening, more

Silly lawsuits, spoiler-ific test screenings, dumb reality show ideas and more in quick links.

Worst pun of the day

Variety wins the Worst Pun of the Day award.

HBO pilot about snarky Hollywood blogger implodes

An HBO pilot about controversial blogger Nikki Finke has blown up as the showrunner is fired.
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The NFL really, really doesn't want you to watch online

The National Football League will be streaming all regular season games online this season, but for a hefty price.

Is HBO saying no to Netflix, but yes to piracy?

HBO is going it alone in the streaming world, saying no to Netflix and possibly restricting online delivery so much that potential customers find piracy a more ideal solution.
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Is this how the long struggle ends for MGM?

MGM's creditors are nearing a deal with Spyglass Entertainment to run the studio after converting a majority of the $4 billion in debt to equity.

Tillman doc stuck with R rating because he swore while being shot at

The MPAA has rejected an appeal by The Weinstein Company to reduce the rating for their Pat Tillman documentary from 'R' to 'PG-13', for the dumbest reason possible.
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