5 entries from July 2010.

Four things to keep in mind about "Inception"

Inception opened last night and has big expectations.

IESB's Robert Sanchez missing over allegations of child sexual abuse

IESB's founder, Robert Sanchez, has been missing for weeks, reportedly dead from suicide at one time, and is now wanted for questioning by police over allegations of sexual molestation involving Sanchez's minor step-daughter.

Paranormal Activity 2 trailer arrives

A trailer for the sequel to Paramount's surprisingly successful Paranormal Activity has already hit theaters, and I've got it.

Love really does bite for NBC

An unexpected pregnancy throws a wrench into the production of NBC's Love Bites, along with a shifty showrunner who isn't running the show anymore.

Writing duties for Batman 3 relegated to Chris Nolan's brother

While Chris Nolan is enjoying vanity film making with hapless "Inception", his no-name brother has inherited writing duties for one of the modern era's biggest franchises.

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