This exists: a Hans Landa doll, and more in quick links

by Paul William Tenny

The Last Exorcism poster
The Last Exorcism poster
Someome made a creepy (yet awesome) Hans Landa doll (CHUD)

Vampires bring $7 billion to Hollywood economy (THR)

NBC other other networks shuffle their schedule to accomodate Presidential Address (Futon Critic)

ABC wants an all-male hosted version of The View (TV Squad)

The Emmy Awards will be streamed live, online ... backstage (THR/Hibberd)

Discovery announces return dates for a bunch of reality shows (Futon Critic)

NBC had the three top rated invidiual programs last week (Studio Briefing)

The cast of Scream 4 is getting dumber by the second (AICN)

The Thing prequel acctress leaks details [possible spoilers] (Blastr)

Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell will cameo in Scream 4, one of them possibly as the "opening scene victim, which has become a fun staple of the 'Scream' series". [Or a ripoff of Law & Order's 19-year-old format. --ed.] (The Wrap)

The Last Exorcism sounds pretty freaking cool (AICN)

Comcast promises the feds it won't yank NBC content from Hulu, post buyout (NewTeeVee)

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