Chris Nolan is evil, David Goyer is stale, and more in quick links

by Paul William Tenny

MGM logo

Spyglass Entertainment inches closer to running MGM (THR)

IGN has new photos up for Nikita, Warehouse 13, PSYCH, and Covert Affiars (IGN)

The longer, uncensored Rod Blagojevich interview on the Daily Show (Popcrunch)

Chris Nolan is a talented, sick bastard (Slashfilm)

Ten returning reality shows for people that scare me (Metacritic)

Behide the scenes vid of Dexter, season 5 (IESB)

Trek producer Brannon Braga wanted Seven of Nine to sleep with the fishes (Blastr)

David Goyer wrote a book about the most cliched sci-fi story ever told (Blastr)

An awesome drawing mixing Stargate, Firefly, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Dune, etc (IESB)

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