The NFL really, really doesn't want you to watch online

by Paul William Tenny

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If the world and American economy were booming and everyone had money to burn, I might could understand this. But right now, with so many people struggling just to keep their homes? This is beyond callous and beyond price gouging:

"For the small number of people that can't get DirecTV service, we did want to provide an option for them to experience Sunday Ticket," says Gieselman.

You don't need to be a DirecTV subscriber to watch the games. You just need access to the internet (the service was tested in Manhattan last year, but will now be available nationwide.

The still-unnamed service has perks. At $350, it's cheaper than a subscription to DirecTV and a Sunday Ticket package, and it means fans can get a full slate of games without switching cable providers.

NFL Sunday Ticket has always been overpriced. At $350, you're paying $21.87 per game, which might be just marginally cheaper than if this were still the days where pay-per-view mattered. Compare that to the roughly 70 cents per game you'd pay to see ~140 MLB games online with

It's clear that the NFL, at that price, doesn't really want anyone to actually watch football games. And at that price, it's pretty clear they don't want you to watch them on TV, either. I'm sure they'd much rather you spent $100 watching games in person and that's it.

If MLB got with the program, why can't the NFL?

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