Forget obscure movies, Oscars can't even find obscure winner

by Paul William Tenny

Jean-Luc Godard
Jean-Luc Godard - Have you seen this man?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences set an amusing new low in handing out Oscars to obscure films that nobody has seen and the filmmakers responsible for them. In fact, Jean-Luc Godard was so obscure that the Academy couldn't even find him to give him his award:

Oscar organizers have spent almost 24 frantic hours trying to reach the iconoclastic filmmaker ("Breathless") to inform him he's getting an honorary statuette -- and by late Wednesday they still hadn't been able to find him.

Godard, a Swiss citizen born in Paris, is notoriously anti-Hollywood. He's also anti-flying and has avoided long plane flights, one insider said, because he's not allowed to smoke.

Giving out Oscars to films nobody's ever seen is annoying, but giving out Oscars to filmmakers nobody's ever seen is downright hilarious.

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The fact that the filmmaker Godard was hard to track during the Oscar awarding made him more fitting and deserving for the award. It simply means that he does not want to have any business whatsoever with the hollywood people nor is he planning to be on the spotlight. It tells us all that he is just passionately dedicated to whatever it is that he is doing without even thinking of anything in return.

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