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by Paul William Tenny

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DVD liek watar.
Funny thing happened the other day. At the beginning of Keith Olbermann's show, the bastard gave us a little bit of gas trivia that we could have really done without: when George W. Bush was sworn into office in 2001, the price of gas was about $1.47 per gallon. Today, it's more than some DVDs in the bargain bin cost. You know what really sucks about that though? It gives you no where to go, and in retrospective, it's actually pretty lame.

Let's see you come up with four or five different ways to beg people to buy DVDs every month and see how witty you are.

I really like lecturing people for being pirates and really enjoy the hypocrisy of being an occasional pirate myself. It occurs to me though that when you want people to buy something, lecturing them about what bad people they are probably isn't the right way to go about getting them to open their wallets.

You see my biggest problem with piracy is when people rationalize it as if what they are doing isn't actually wrong. I've got pirated MP3s and stuff and I know it's wrong, I just don't happen to care. I may be scum, but at least I'm not delusional scum, you know?

But it's 6am as I'm writing this and since nobody buys any of this stuff anyone, it's probably not even worth the time to write introductions either way.


So really, I win either way!


If there's anything I've learned since stealing slaving over these lists, it's that there sure used to be a lot of really crappy shows on TV. TekWar (had something to do with William Shatner -- was it based on his book or something?) was nifty but it never got the attention it deserved, and by that I mean it needed a more significant investment in talent on all fronts. Writing, acting, budget, all of that stuff could have made this a much better show. Mid-tier cable at least.

The rest of that stuff just doesn't sound alluring at all, does it? Onward then. Arrgh!

Now we're talking! The Bucket List is a script that fell into my lap (long story) just about a day before the story hit Variety that it had been bought. Some people liked it, some people like myself thought it ran a little slow and needed some work. Since I never did see the resulting film I can't really say if it suffered from the scripts sand traps, or if maybe they were addressed with subsequent rewrites. You may have seen trailers for it -- I'd imagine so given who was in it -- about two guys who write a list of things they'd like to do before they kick the bucket.

Cute name, but it wasn't Oscar bait or anything like that. Probably a really good DVD movie though.

Jumper was one of those movies where people mistake special effects for story. With a few more explosions here and there it would have done Michael Bay very proud.

Take your pick, and for crying out loud will you just buy something for once, you damned dirty pirate. Arrgh!

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