Photos from inside the Stargate Universe press kit

by Paul William Tenny

Robert Carlyle of Stargate Universe, from the SGU press kit.After seeing the reaction to my post on the SGU press kit from GateWorld, I can't believe that I didn't think to do this before. The book that SyFy sent out as a press kit has a lot of wonderful photos of the cast, really pretty semi-glossy photos and bios of the cast and characters, as well as the producers.

SyFy/MGM may want these kept private, but if they do, I really can't understand why.

I did my best to scan the entire book (it's not that kind of book) and then created a photo gallery for them. I've been meaning to do this for a while for Media Pundit, and now I've actually got something to put in it.

The photo in this post is a really small version of a profile of Robert Carlyle. The version in the gallery is huge, I scanned most of the cast portraits at 2552x3508, weighing in at around 1MB each. The other pages are lower resolution because they contain mostly text. Most of the producer profile pages have photos from the series that can't be seen in the thumbnails, so look at everything.

Hope you you like them, and please share this post why anyone you think might like to see photos from the book.

Update - My first impression of the series premier can be read here. This is not a review, that is coming later.

Update 2 - My full Stargate Universe review is now online and available.
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Thanks for the article. I won't be watching the show but my reasons have never had anything to do with whether it's 'good' or 'bad' so pro or con articles won't change my mind but I do like the information. I think in the end I would have been more interested in this show if it never had Stargate in the title and if the PR had been handled much differently.

I'll be interested to read the impressions of people after the show has aired and we've gone in about six episodes. I've never had a problem with the writers when they start a show, it's sustaining the premier level that seems to be the issue so I'll be interested to see if that problem comes back to haunt them in this show.

Thank you for your even handed article and I'll be interested to read your review.
Thanks, but like I said, my reasons for not watching have nothing to do with the show and are tied in with the behavior of network and PTB regarding the handling of the fans and SGA. It was just unpleasant all around and has turned me off of the franchise (someone really needed to hire a PR firm early on IMHO). I'm sure they won't miss me. LOL Thanks though, for the reviews, they're very balanced and polite. (I like to think politeness still counts ;))
Thanks for taking the time to scan and post the press kit.


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