Streaming and Download Links: Heroes, Chuck, Bionic Woman, The Office, Friday Night Lights

by Paul William Tenny

(Updated below)

Legally, of course, NBC is all at once extremely greedy and retarded, but also somewhat intelligent and with the times. The former comes from the fact that NBC apparently wants to start charging you somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 per episode to buy off services like iTunes and Amazon Unbox. The latter comes from their experiment where new episodes are streamed from their own site for free as soon as the next day after they air, which will stay live for one week and then be replaced by the new episode.

I'm not certain if this applies to all their shows and I suspect it does not, however, there are a handful that are worth watching either on your television set, or online, whichever you prefer just so long as you do it legally. Then again, I'm not sure what kind of message NBC is sending by giving away their premier content just a day after it has aired while simultaneously raising a stink over next-day piracy. In the end, is the result not the same?

Here are some quick links to the shows you may be searching for.
  • Heroes Streaming (Link) - Your best bet this year.

  • Bionic Woman Streaming (Link) - Good vibes and the best ratings for an NBC show this year.

  • The Office Streaming (Link) - Not on my recording schedule but one of the best comedies on the air.
Those are the big guns, here are two others.

  • Saturday Night Live Streaming (Link) - When did this become an "other"? When it became older than my car.

  • Chuck Streaming (Link) - One of NBC's new shows this year, has potential I think if they give it a chance.
Sorry for dumping the "streaming" keyword in there so much, but people search for that stuff and if you want search engines to find it, you've got to use them. This post wouldn't be of much use if nobody could find it, you know? I'm not a keyword whore, but I'm also realistic about how the system works.

Additionally, you can download-to-own (DRM) episodes for all of this stuff on Amazon Unbox with these links.

And lots more if you're interested, and that's just from NBC. I'll see if I can throw up more links for other networks later today.

Update (April 07, 2008)
Many of NBC and Fox's shows are now available on their joint venture, Heroes, The Office, House, and many older shows that aren't on the air any longer. They are all free (with a couple of commercials), streaming, and very decent quality.
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