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Cannes is overflowing with pedophile defenders

James Cameron wants TV to jump on the 3D fad, Cold Case is closed, Iron Man 2 wins the weekend, and more.
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SAG contact expires in a few days

Two Heroes stars talk the upcoming third season, Entertainment Weekly thinks Saved by the Bell is a new TV classic, and more quick links..
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In Brief

24 webisodes work well; WGA strike has lasting impact, Bear Grylls is a wimp, Still on Tropic Thunder, more of my reading list..
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In Brief

AFTRA and SAG fight; Ron Moore gets a new series on FOX; Speilberg wants to do 'Ghost in the Shell'; more...

January 2nd 2008, In Brief

Lindsay Lohan is taking some heat in this edition of "In Brief", but you know the girl kind of deserves it. She damn near threw her life away with drug and alcohol abuse and yet because those things are relatively cheap, it probably didn't even put a dent in her ungodly riches.The cost of illegal drugs ought to be determined by the wealth of the user. $250,000 for some crack for Lohan, who can afford to buy a brand new BMW and just leave it on the lot for anyone to take that wants it.Also, J. J. Abrams needs to stop making movies. Seriously, does anybody really believe Cloverfield is going to be anything other than smoke and mirrors?Today: featuring...
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