Cannes is overflowing with pedophile defenders

by Paul William Tenny

roman.polanski.arrest.jpgLots of directors at the Cannes Film Festival are signing a petition supporting pedophile rapist and wanted fugitive Roman Polanski, even after another woman has come forward to accuse him of rape. (Yahoo!)

James Cameron wants the TV industry to follow the film industry off a cliff with the 3D fad. (StudioBriefing)

NBC's complete fall schedule leaked out early, getting a reporter banned from their upfront presentation tomorrow in the process. (THR)

Fight Club director does 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. (Cinematical)

I guess I was wrong about Cold Case, apparently it's dead. (Ausiello)

Iron Man 2 won the weekend again, but Robin Hood still opened big. (THR)

FX's Justified got renewed. (Ausiello)

Shia LaBeouf promises the next Transformers won't suck as bad as the last one. (Yahoo!)

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