SAG contact expires in a few days

by Paul William Tenny

heroes.jpgProduction of the third season of Heroes is in full swing, Fringe is buzzing, and SAG is just days away from a possible strike that could wipe it all!

Adrian Pasdar and Masi Oka are spilling the beans on Heroes S3. (IGN)

David Russell just can't win. (DHD)

Saved by the Bell is a new classic. so much. (EW)
Herc says Fringe looks promising, sounds like X-Files clone to me. (AICN)

God-amongst-us Straczynski's Silver Surfer may be DOA. (ComingSoon)

Tom Hanks caved, will SAG strike anyway? (THR)

Prepared to be tortured by Hostel III. (MovieWeb)

Seth Rogen thinks (Academy Award winning) Juno was lame; he's a comedic genius. (MTV)

Ron Moore talks fighting Trek Cliches (Scifi Stream)

Jane Espenson says Galactica brought tears to her eyes (SyFy Portal)

Fedcon convention imploded. (1, 2, 3, 4)

The Deadzone may not be so dead after all. (TV Squad)

Broadcast indecency fight is just warming up. (Reuters)

Top comic flick is taking a breather, no new Spider-Man until 2011. (E! Online)

How the strike helped House. (TV Squad)

Mark Wahlberg says his role as Max Payne is most complex of his career. (MTV)

DC Comics may be getting a reboot soon. (DHD)
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