January 2nd 2008, In Brief

by Paul William Tenny

inbrief-2008.jpgLindsay Lohan is taking some heat in this edition of "In Brief", but you know the girl kind of deserves it. She damn near threw her life away with drug and alcohol abuse and yet because those things are relatively cheap, it probably didn't even put a dent in her ungodly riches.

The cost of illegal drugs ought to be determined by the wealth of the user. $250,000 for some crack for Lohan, who can afford to buy a brand new BMW and just leave it on the lot for anyone to take that wants it.

Also, J. J. Abrams needs to stop making movies. Seriously, does anybody really believe Cloverfield is going to be anything other than smoke and mirrors?

Today: featuring Lindsay Lohan, Indy 4, Transformers 2, "Cloverfield", and more..
Linsay Lohan
Given the worst performance vote for 2007 for the horror flick "I Know Who Killed Me." I thought the trailer was great, but apparently the film itself let a lot to be desired. In fact, most of Lohan's movies have been that way. Perhaps it's time to find a new career; singing, perhaps?

Indiana Jones
Via AICN, Vanity Fair has some new still photos from the next and possibly shouldn't-have-been-made Indiana Jones flick. Seriously, I've seen some other pics that make Harrison Ford look like he should be in a nursing home instead of rampaging around the world having adventures.

Sean Connery was smart enough to know this, why isn't everyone else?

Transformers 2
Just rehashing what we already know: the sequel won't be moving forward until after the writers' strike has been settled because there is no script. I'm not really sure why that is holding back the follow-up, though, since the first film didn't have a script either.

J. J. Abrams big "monster" film that nobody knows anything about has a couple of new teasers out over New Years. From now on, this unnamed project shall officially be known as "Snakes on a Plane: 2" (also: Interview)

The writers strike has forced one of the increasingly desperate networks to put bad TV on the air, something they'd apparently rather do than sit down and make an extremely cheap and fair deal with writers to get the good stuff back on the tube. For Fox, that means New Amsterdam will follow American Idol, so says SyFy Portal.

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