'Guitar Hero III' Wants a Piece of 'Halo 3'

by Paul William Tenny

guitar-hero-3.jpgAs far as numbers go, these are pretty big. The third iteration of Activision's Guitar Hero III managed to do about $100 million worth of business in its first week on sale, according to Variety. Hysterically, the price for GH3 is only about $40 more than Halo 3, yet you get the game plus an instrument to go with it, making it far more of a bargain than the current fare of overpriced console games.

Rumors indicate that Activision was immediately contacted by a major movie studio interested in adapting the game into a feature film. After the initial confusion over how you could turn a game that consists of players strumming a cheap piece of plastic all night into a movie, an initial plot was hashed out involving a burned out cop and a cheerleaders dog, which had recently escapes from prison - for the second time.

Several hot directors were approached to pull double duties on the project, but all eventually threw their hands up in surrender, grumbling about how hard it is. Said one helmer that asked not to be named, "I never really thought about where scripts came from, who knew we actually had people that sat down and wrote those things?
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