EverQuest Movie Greenlit

by Paul William Tenny

curt-shilling-everquest.jpgYes, those evil fiends we like to call studio executives are once again wasting their $4.3 billion record summer booty so they can spend their woeful days running writers babies through blenders to squeeze more money out of them are making a movie based on an RPG (Role Playing Game) and for whatever reason, they choose the one that isn't the most popular of the bunch to spend their coin on.

Because I don't play, don't like, and know nothing about MMORPGs (don't ask what it means or you'll turn into one of them) I simply present you with this picture of Boston pitcher Curt Shilling playing EverQuest.

Click on the picture to see a larger version, or read about this sad, yet amusing event at Variety. The only good news for us is that the guy who adapted 300 into a script has been hired to turn EverQuest into a film. The bad news is this poor guy's career is just going to tank once the studios realize for the 500th time that people who play games like this don't go outside, much less go to the theater to socialize with their friends.
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Something that everybody seems to forget is that you just need to look back at history and you will so that it has all been done before. Look at EverQuest, it is still going strong with the same game play from the past. Does anybody think that it really matters.
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