Marky Mark will bring you Maximum Payne..if you ask nicely

by Paul William Tenny

max-payne.jpgThe bad news is that movie studios are continuing to bring us game-to-film adaptations that we don't really want, even though Uwe Boll continues aborting one after another after another, all of which we really don't want. The good news is that Uwe Boll isn't directing this one, so it will probably only half suck depending on how bored you are. Max Payne came out in 2001 and I think was the first game to utilize the "bullet time" special effect pioneered in the Matrix films, along with semi-destructible walls and levels, although it was otherwise unremarkable.

Mark Wahlberg is in talks to play title character Max Payne in a venture for Fox, with a script written by Beau Thorne (we have no clue who he is either) to be directed by John Moore. Presumably the script hasn't been locked yet which means this sucker won't get rolling until after the writers strike has ended - don't expect to see this in theaters anytime soon.
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