Paranormal Activity 2 trailer arrives

by Paul William Tenny

A scene from Paranormal Activity
A scene from Paranormal Activity

Even though it won't be out until October, Paramount has a trailer playing in theaters for the sequel to the creepy (but personally disappointing) Paranormal Activity. I will admit there were some startling things in the first film, but I need more than that to be satisfied. I needed a story by the time it was all said and done, and that movie didn't have one.

That might be a saving grace for the sequel though, which was written by Michael R. Perry and directed by Tod Williams, not Oren Peli, who is off chasing an idea about Area 51.

If the first movie didn't have a story or any semblance of a plot, and worked out fantastically (it cost $15,000 to shoot but made nearly $200 million worldwide), then theoretically it shouldn't hurt the sequel to have a different writer and director, since it'd be hard for them to bring a different vision to the sequel of a film that had none to begin with.

Perry produced several episodes of the NBC mini-series Person's Unknown, and wrote for The Dead Zone (TV), Law & Order: SVU, Millennium, and American Gothic. No horror and no feature work at all, but good credits nonetheless.

Williams hasn't done a whole lot of anything and none of his credits jump out at me, but feel free to follow his link above to see his IMDb page to make up your own mind whether or not he's the right pick for directing an iffy, but ridiculously valuable sequel.

Here's the trailer for October's Paranormal Activity 2:

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