Watch the Heroes Season 2 Premier 'Four Months Later' Streaming Now

by Paul William Tenny

tv-movie-download.jpgNBC has placed the Heroes Season 2 premier "Four Months Later" on their Rewind website, just as they had promised to do. I think these will only be available for six or seven days, or just until the next episode airs, then the previous one comes down and the next one goes up on Tuesday. (Click that link to get there.)

So here you go all you crazy cats searching for "heroes four months later stream" although really what you want is "heroes four months later streaming", or something along those lines. See what I did there? I hit all my keywords AND I provided you with useful information. I'll link up to transcripts if I can find some (oops, I did it again!), I know the sites that usually carry them don't have the premier written up yet.

Hold on to your panties or go watch it online. It was worth the wait..kind of. I wrote a review or sorts right after the episode aired called "Heroes: Four Months Later". Ain't I a clever one?

Since I originally wrote this post back in September of last year, NBC has formed a joint venture with Fox and some other limited players to launch, where both networks are streaming their shows for free and in high quality. If you're looking for Heroes or any other NBC/Fox show to stream, this is the place to go now.
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