Dark Knight dumped to third by Tropic Thunder

by Paul William Tenny

Robert Downey Jr.I thought the crappy new Star Wars animated movie would take first this weekend, it never occurred to me that Tropic Thunder was also coming out. And had you asked, I wouldn't have wanted to handicap that race anyway. Ben Stiller's story about a bunch of actors shooting a war movie stumbling into an actual war easily cleared Dark Knight for a weekend haul of $26 million. The Clone Wars was third, with $15.5m.

Dark Knight did push over the $800 million mark globally, even so it's only 39th domestically all-time when adjusted for ticket price inflation. On that list, even Titanic is 6th just barely above Jaws.

Given a choice I'd probably watch Tropic Thunder before Dark Knight just because I think it'll probably be more satisfying short-term since it's a comedy, and because original material deserves our attention first. While Dark Knight was safe and obvious, Thunder actually had went out on a limb with Robert Downey Jr. playing a black actor, exaggerated deep voice and all.

As for Clone Wars, outside of kids that probably don't care or know any better, it seems to be universally loathed by fanboys and regulars alike.

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Robert Downey Jr. cracks me up... he's got a knack for not taking himself too seriously

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