Writers want Grey's Izzie's head on a pike

by Paul William Tenny

katherine-heigl.jpgThis "news" is several weeks old now but I thought it worth revisiting since I've been very critical of Grey's starlet Katherine Heigl for publicly trashing her own writing staff a year after they handed her enough solid material that she won an Emmy with it. It takes more than good scripts and more than just a good actress to win one of those things certainly, but to insist as she did that she shouldn't be considered this year because her writers had failed her, that was over the line.
There was speculation that she mouthed off as an excuse to get out of her contract so she could pursue her film career full time. It was later said that in their own defense, the Grey's writers went to great lengths to accommodate her existing shooting schedule and that her spotty performances were more the result of her splitting her time between television and film than it was a case of them suddenly forgetting where they put their talent.

Now -- or rather a few weeks ago -- came the rumor that the writing-producers were going to put Heigl's character through hell this year in retribution for her unprofessional behavior, knowing that she's basically done with them anyway, there wasn't really anything to lose. In fact I may be selling it a little light, here is the quote from E! Online which spoke with a source working on the show: "It's not good there, Shonda is pissed. They're thinking of killing her off. They want Izzie dead."

Shonda being series creator and showrunner, Shonda Rhimes.

That is the real danger when it comes to television, where the writers are often the producers who literally run the show. Burn that bridge and you might as well just quit and go act somewhere else which, arguably, is probably what Heigl is really after. One would think there are more professional and responsible ways to get out of TV land though, like keeping your mouth shut, fulfilling your contract, and then moving on like your're not a spoiled teenager.

Per E! Online, Rhimes and ABC declined to comment on the story. Yeah, I bet they did.
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