Screeners, Watchmen, Stargate and actual jobs

by Paul William Tenny

Sorry for the lack of updates, the focus on Stargate Atlantis, and my not being here for the past couple of weeks. Life gets tough sometimes, but then it gets better. Or you die. Or you get sick and wish you would die but your body just refuses to cooperate and you're forced to lay in bed feeling awful while staring at the ceiling all day praying that you'll be crushed by an asteroid.

Whatever, I was hit in the face by a boulder once and I just don't see what the big deal is.
As far as Stargate content is concerned, I have more coming soon beginning with a Q&A with SGA exec-prod Joe Mallozzi. This guy has always been great to fans and little media guys like myself so it wasn't a surprise that he agreed to answer some of my dumb questions regarding the cancellation of Atlantis, the coming movie based on the series, and Stargate Universe.

I am eternally grateful.

I got a competitive freelance job offer via email this afternoon which if we can come to an agreement will likely eat up a significant chunk of my time from now until late September. It's a writing job related to what I do here everyday (non-fiction) and the offer ended up coming in because of this blog. Considering that this site barely pays its own way between $8-11 per month, it's pretty amazing that it netted me a great paying offer that is far, far in excess of that. I promise to try to keep posting here if offer comes through, but obviously that job will have to come first. Chances are I won't get it though, because hey, how often do you get a great job offer that fits you almost perfectly, pays great, and you actually get it?

Anyway, I'm looking into polishing the site design this week and getting back on track to a regular posting schedule that I haven't been able to hold for the past couple of weeks. In short the Watchmen movie is in legal trouble because Fox thinks it still owns rights to the movie (it very well may), and Kevin Smith said it's awesome and that they really pulled it off. I'm not familar with the comics at all but if Smith says it's good, then it is.


The fall season is almost upon us and I still don't have any screeners. NBC in particular kind of has my ire over this since they showed the Heroes third season premier at Comic-Con but they're still stalling when it comes to critics and entertainment writers who have painfully few days left with which to write their fall preview guides. I'm supposed to get some CBS screeners tomorrow for shows that I've never seen, so I'm really looking forward to digging into new content and giving you some rookie previews of shows like Cold Case and one of the CSI shows to chew on less than a month before most of them premier. From what I understand, these all should have been out a month ago or more.

Also the arbitrary and non-binding "deadline" set by the AMPTP for a contract with SAG was supposed to be this week (today?) and I need to dig up my sources and let you guys know what's going on. It's possible that this fall season will be nuked just like it was last year, this time by an actors strike.

Not good people, not good at all.
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