Top 5 posts for March 2008

by Paul William Tenny

Here is a short list of the top 5 read posts on this site for the month of March, ranked by views. Some of these are up at the top because of being picked up on social networking/voting sites and had 90% of their popularity over the course of just two days, but they were popular none the less and so they make the list. A couple rank highly every month due to awkward yet not unwelcome search engine traffic. If you like this site and haven't read any of these stories, please take a moment and check them out.

  • Best scifi film poll topped by non-scifi flick (1,382 views)
    The Scifi Channel website ran a poll this month asking their readers to pick their own "top 10" list of the best science fiction films of all time from AFI's "top 100" list. The #1 spot was Star Wars, a film that is simply not science fiction by any reasonable understanding of what the genre is.

  • Streaming and Download Links: Heroes, Chuck, Bionic Woman, ... (1301 views)
    A post from October of 2007 with links to sites where you can legally watch your favorite network shows online, via streaming video. I probably need to go back in there and update the links, as this is consistently one of my regular traffic targets from Google search.

  • The TV Landscape is Changing, and We Better Be Ready (1,066 views)
    So far there have been two "shows" made for and originally broadcast on television. Quarterlife made the jump to NBC and was pulled almost immediately for low ratings, while Sanctuary is making the leap to the Scifi Channel sometime this summer. In all fairness to Quarterlife, NBC gave it virtually no hype and they never really seemed interested in making it work. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe the immediate future will see the Internet create content on the cheap to test out ideas and marketability, and then those shows will move over to broadcast television since that distribution model is far superior, and will be for a very long time.

  • Ryan Phillippe, a Vikiing? Huh? (425 views)
    Another post from 2007 that gets regular traffic from people searching Google images for pictures of Ryan Phillippe. This was a post about news that Phillippe had just signed on for a part in a movie about...Vikings.

  • 'Jericho' Season 2 Bits (updated) (424 views)
    Again from 2007 (see below about these) with continually updated information about the "second season" of Jericho on CBS. Unfortunately the second season did even worse than the first, and Jericho has once again been canceled. The latest word as of this post is that the producers are searching for a new home for the show, probably on cable. Shows this good don't deserve treatment like this. They just don't.
If you're interested in finding more content, there's a list of categories in the site archives, along with a month-by-month list of posts. I'll probably not continue to list posts that weren't published in the current month either. If you enjoyed any of these stories, please share the URL with a friend and let other people know about the site.
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