Ryan Phillippe, a Vikiing? Huh?

by Paul William Tenny

ryan-phillippe.jpgAccording to the Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Phillippe has signed on for Last Battle Dreamer to play a Viking in "a love story written in fire and blood." Okay, I've seen Phillippe in a few flicks, one of them happens to be one of my favorite B-movies of all time, Lifeform.. He sucked in that movie, but only as much as everyone else did. It was low budget corn with bad dialog, unimaginative directing, and a wonderful premise with enough real science thrown in to classify as one of the truest science fiction films in the last fifteen years.

And Phillipe was a total puss in this movie.

It may not have been good, but it was fun. Did I mention that Ryan Phillippe was in it? Yeah, he was playing a soldier that looked like he was about fifteen. I don't mean to knock on the guys looks, his character, or anything like that, but a vikiing?! What the hell? Just look at him.

Also, when did Ryan Phillippe become John Cena?



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