7 entries from February 2009.

Nolan Ices Next Batman For 'Inception'

Chris Nolan is putting the next Batman on ice to go make a crappy film that nobody wants to see.

Dollhouse and Terminator continue to struggle

Dollhouse lost viewers in its second week after an already disappointing series premier.
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Fox is finally slipping (casting news for Dollhouse too)

Fox came within a hair of losing Tuesday night's ratings rat race to CBS, even with 800 pound gorilla American Idol calling the shots.
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Two days from Dollhouse premier, and no screener

In which I complain, yet again, about Fox stiffing me on screeners.

Elections have consequences

The FDA has forced big-pharma company Bayer to spend millions on commercials back-tracking some of their misleading claims regarding questionable benefits of a new contraceptive for other ailments.
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New SModcast mirror

Added a mirror for the Kevin Smith/Scott Mosier podcast (SModcast).

NBC sees Super ratings for Super Bowl, dies

The Steelers victory over the Cardinals in Super Bowl 43 was the second-most-watched Super Bowl in history, and third best overall.

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