6 entries from March 2009.

Watchmen flames out against The Rock

Watchmen stumbles to second place behind The Rock and Race to Witch Mountain over the weekend; history will remember as a financial flop.
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Memo to Hayden Panettiere: Grow up or quit

Rumors in U.S. celeb tabloids has Heroes star Hayden Panettiere disrupting the set over a petty personal spat with co-star Milo Ventimiglia.
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Watchmen experiences mass walkouts in New York City

A Chicago Tribune writer described a mass walkout during his screening of Watchmen, matching reports from other screenings this past weekend.
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Watchmen - in 600 more theaters - won't even beat "300"

Fantasies that Watchmen would open to $70 million this weekend went up in flames after the early numbers came in on Saturday.
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io9: bloggers love Watchmen, critics..not so much

io9 said it better than I ever could: bloggers love Watchmen, mainstream critics pretty much hated it.
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It's all Watchmen this weekend

Claims of excessive sex and violence, an 'R' rating, bad reviews and a creator that wants nothing to do with the film. It's time for Watchmen.

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