New SModcast mirror

by Paul William Tenny

I've created a SModcast mirror in case anyone is interested. The server they use slows to a crawl for me when a new podcast is released, so what I usually do is copy it to the server where Media Pundit is hosted, then I download it from there and it's always faster that way. Since I'm doing that, I figure I might as well share some of the ridiculous bandwidth that Dreamhost provides.

The language is for adults only and to be honest, Kevin Smith and producer Scott Mosier don't often talk about the films they make, it's really two guys bullshitting for an hour. If you've ever heard Smith BS, then you know how hilarious that can be.

For my money (none since it's free) it's the most entertaining podcast out there.

I'll be adding new podcasts as they come out, and slowly filling in the older ones as time goes on. I'm doing this because their server gets overloaded every week and so the last thing they need is for me to sit there and download all of them in a row, obviously.

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