13 entries from January 2009.

Watchmen sequel may be off the table for Snyder

Director Zack Snyder sat down with the Times to discuss the film for the first time after the lawsuit between Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox was settled.
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DTV transition delay fails

While the Senate passed a six-month delay for the analog TV cutoff, the House refused to follow today making the February transition inevitable.

Ars argues against delaying DTV transition

A writer for Ars Technica agrees -- but fir different reasons -- that we shouldn't delay the DTV transition any further.

2009 Oscar Nominations

The nomination list for the 81st Academy Awards.

Writers settle unfair working conditions lawsuit

Writers and several networks and studios have settled a lawsuit over unpaid overtime and unfair working conditions prohibited by California law.

Update on Cabin in the Woods

It appears that yesterday's news of Bradley Whitford talking to join Joss Whedon's "Cabin in the Woods" has been somewhat confirmed.
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Bradley Whitford + Joss Whedon flick = mmm

Bradley Whitford is in talks to join Cabin in the Woods, a "horror movie to end all horror movies" from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard.
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NBC losing viewers at same rate as Heroes

NBC appears to be losing prime-time viewers at nearly the same rate as Heroes. Perhaps it's time to stop blaming Heroes for the failures of its network.

Gov wants yet another DTV transition delay

Congress wants to delay the digital TV transition into June because the coupon fund ran dry, and because consumers have been too lazy to upgrade.

Prison Break purged, is SCC next?

Prison Break has been canceled and will not see a fifth season. Will ratings-challenged Terminator follow?
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Cable does not yet compete with network television

By way of news that Scifi is moving the debut of Stargate Universe from summer to fall, GateWorld makes the erroneous claim that cable can and does compete with broadcast TV.
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SaveTheBiz produces anti-strike vid

A group of SAG members calling itself SaveTheBiz has produced a video that opposes a potential strike.

New FCC chair could mean pro-public agency

President-elect Obama has announced his pick for the next FCC chairman, which could have significant effects on Internet network neutrality and "indecency" on television.

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