Battlestar S4 premier will be streamed early

by Paul William Tenny

battlestar-galactica.jpgThe good news is that there's some new Battlestar Galactica on the way, in fact it should be roaming free on or about April 4th around noon, depending on where you live. The bad news is that the last I heard, Scifi still had not decided whether or not to split the fourth season into two parts like they do with everything else.

Worse, yet still in intriguing, is that Scifi will air the season premier online via the website about 10 hours before it is broadcast the old fashioned way.

Worse yet, it'll only be available for streaming (not downloading) and only for a period of 1 hour. If you don't start the video in between noon and 1pm, you're out of luck until it hits cable and satellite. What this tells me is that Scifi is still utterly clueless about what people want, and how they can turn it into a benefit for the network. Best case scenario is that Scifi streams the premier all day, then allows you to download the full episode after it has aired in all the relevant timezones either free, or for a fee.

There's nothing wrong with paying for a download, what matters is the cost and how much of a hassle it is. This stuff is supposed to be entertainment, so every layer of crap people have to unwrap to get to the part they want is keeping them from being entertained. In fact, it's pushing them away from being entertained safely into annoyed and wanting to do something else territory. Additionally, I can't get any other marquee shows streaming online either. There are times when I miss Stargate and I end up missing something I almost religiously (almost) sit down to watch every Friday.

Take it from a loyal customer of the product Scifi is pushing: stop looking at the floor and daydreaming, and get your stupid ass into the game. I don't really care if you think you'll lose money, and that it's a big risk. You won't gain anything from sitting on the bench always playing it safe. Give us downloads, give us streaming, and then find a way to make it work for you financially. Make us want it first, then take care of business on the other side.

And stop playing retarded games with BSG. It's been so long since I last saw new BSG episodes that I honestly feel like I don't know who the characters are anymore, or what they want. I'm barely even excited that the show is returning, it's been so long. This might as well be the third incarnation of the series. Enough is enough.

The more games you play us the viewers, the more likely we are to watch something else. Live and learn, or die by it.

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