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Tonight's premiers: Fringe, A Gifted Man, CSI: NY, Blue Bloods & more

A Gifted Man has its series premier on CBS tonight along with some old shows returning, such as Kitchen Nightmares, CSI: New York, and Fringe.
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Tonight's premiers: Big Bang Theory, The Office, and new series

New and returning shows for Thursday, September 23rd, 2011. Returning shows include Grey's Anatomy and The Office, new shows include Charlie's Angels and Person of Interest, and more.
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Why Eureka got canceled and Warehouse 13 didn't

Wondering why Eureka just got canceled with 1.87m viewers while Warehouse 13 with 1.82m did not? Find out.
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There is no "Book of Mormon" movie coming

Entertainment Weekly's big exclusive on a feature film version of the "Book of Mormon" play just blew up in their face.

Netflix CEO pledges to screw up even more

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings admits he screwed up in a message to customers and the public on the company blog, then promises to make things even worse.

63rd Primetime Emmy Award Nominations

The 2011 Emmy Award nominations (brief).

Netflix raises prices, loses customers, stock price plummets

The results are in: after raising prices as much as 60%, Netflix lost $2 billion in value this afternoon after announcing a loss of 600,000 subscribers as its stock dropped almost 19%.

Actor to Plead Guilty to Leaking Black Swan to BitTorrent

Feds wasting money on being copyright cops, movies that get pirated early and then make tons of money, and innovate uses for iTunes.

Star Trek TNG in HD, with an interesting workaround

Paramount is releasing Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD later this year, and is taking extraordinary steps to do so.

Trailer: Twight Breaking Dawn

Trailer for Part 1 of Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Abrams officially commits to raping Star Trek's dead body

J. J. Abrams has officially signed up to helm Star Trek "2" (aka Star Trek 12, aka Not Really Star Trek Just A Massive Cliche Waiting To Gently Rape Your Fond Childhood Memories).

CBS: New and returning 2011 fall show schedule

The 2011 CBS fall schedule.

Bucky Larson bombs, surprising everyone

Another day, another mindbogglingly bad movie with eight funny reviews.

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