Bucky Larson bombs, surprising everyone

by Paul William Tenny

A scene from the box office bomb, Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star.
A scene from the box office bomb, Bucky
Larson: Born To Be A Star.

I understand that certain kinds of movies appeal to certain kinds of people, and no movie will please everyone. But who thought Bucky Larson was a good idea? Because that person needs to be fired. Trailers are supposed to make you want to see a film, not turn the channel. Those trailers are more annoying than commercials are.

And the result was entirely predictable. It's wasn't selling very many tickets. It has no positive reviews from professional critics on RT. Critics can be wrong, but not that wrong.

Oh, and about those reviews..

Ranker has a list of the "best" bad reviews, like this from the Times:

...'Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star' may have been made...to console every actor who has ever been in a movie that is a little less bad than this one. Let me put the matter another way: this may be the worst movie Pauly Shore has ever been in. Think about that. If you dare, go on Netflix and test the hypothesis.


The guy from BoxOffice.com was wrong in the right direction. It didn't make $3 million this past weekend. It barely made $1.5m.

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