Tonight's premiers: Big Bang Theory, The Office, and new series

by Paul William Tenny

Lots of old shows coming back tonight and a few freshman join the fray. On NBC there's Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and series premiers for Whitney and Prime Suspect. CBS will have The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist returning, and the series premier of Person of Interest. ABC has the return of Grey's Anatomy and the series premier of Charlie's Angels.

Person of Interest (9pm EST on CBS)
Mr. Finch (Michael Emerson), a mysterious billionaire, has developed a computer program that predicts the identity of people connected to violent crimes that will take place in the future.

However, the program has its limitations: for example, it cannot predict whether the person will be a victim, perpetrator, or witness, nor can it predict when or where the crime will take place.

Unable to stop the crimes on his own, Finch hires John Reese (Jim Caviezel), a formerCIA field officer who is presumed dead, to help stop the crimes from taking place. (via Wikipedia)

Whitney (9:30pm EST on NBC)
The series follows the titular character, an opinionated woman and her very supportive live-in boyfriend. Even though the two have decided that they will not commit to marriage, she does question how committed they are in their 3-year relationship and tries to go as far to prove a point; she begins to fear what she sees as "relationship boredom" and worries what will happen next that could possibly end her relationship.

Because of what she sees and hears around her involving other relationships, she decides to use unconventional methods to keep the romantic flames glowing with the help of her close friends. (Wiki)

Prime Suspect (10pm EST on NBC)
From Emmy Award-nominated producers Peter Berg (NBC's "Friday Night Lights") and Alexandra Cunningham ("Desperate Housewives") comes the crime drama "Prime Suspect" that takes a look inside a New York City homicide department. The series stars Maria Bello ("A History of Violence") as tough-as-nails NYPD homicide Detective Jane Timoney, an outsider who has just transferred to a new squad where her new colleagues already dislike her.

Jane is confident and focused - and also rude, abrupt and occasionally reckless. She has her vices, and rumors of a questionable past follow her everywhere - but at the end of the day, she's an instinctively brilliant cop who can't be distracted from the only important thing: the prime suspect. (via NBC)

Charlie's Angels (8pm EST on ABC)
Exactly what you think it is: a remake.

FOX has no premiers this evening.

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