CBS: New and returning 2011 fall show schedule

by Paul William Tenny

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Here's a quick and dirty (and possibly incomplete) list of new and returning fall shows and their premier dates. I put this together over the weekend to find out what I need to try to get screeners for, but the list is there, so here it is if you find it useful.

I don't have any information for ABC shows because ABC denied my press credentials for the first time ever. I used to think their strategy of putting their screeners online (behind a login page) for the press to save money over sending out DVDs. But their excuse was not having the budget for allow everyone into their online screening program, which is laughable.

So all ABC shows will be missing from this list because I'm not giving press to a major broadcast network that doesn't want it from me.

All times are Eastern Standard.

September 14th
Survivor: South Pacific (Season Premier, 8pm)

September 19th
How I Met Your Mother (Season, 8pm)
2 Broke Girls (Series, 8:30pm)
Two and a half Men (Season, 9pm)
Hawaii Five-O (Season, 10pm)

September 20th
NCIS (Season, 8pm)
NCIS: Los Angeles (Season, 9pm)
Unforgettable (Series, 10pm)

September 21st
Criminal Minds (Season, 9pm)
CSI (Season, 10pm)

September 22nd
The Big Bang Theory (Season, 8pm)
Person of Interest (Series, 9pm)
The Mentalist (Season, 10pm)

September 23rd
A Gifted Man (Series, 8pm)
CSI: New York (Season, 9pm)
Blue Bloods (Season, 10pm)

September 24th
Rules of Engagement (Season, 8pm)
Comedytime Saturday (Season, 8:30pm)
Crimetime Saturday (Season, 9pm)

September 25th
60 Minutes (Season, 7pm)
The Amazing Race (Season, 8pm)
The Good Wife (Season, 9pm)
CSI: Miami (Season, 10pm)

September 26th
Mike & Molly (Season, 9:30pm)

September 29th
How to be a Gentleman (Series, 8:30pm)

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