SaveTheBiz produces anti-strike vid

by Paul William Tenny

A PR firm working for a group called SaveTheBiz asked me to post a video on here, or rather talk about it, or some such, but seeing as how I don't have time to get into this right, I'm opting for the video.

It appears that this is from an anti-strike group made up of SAG members. I was assured that this is not a front for the AMPTP and I'm taking this firm at their word for the time being. I will quickly say that I support a SAG strike and I think it's very sad that regardless of whether it is SAG or the WGA, that the most vocal strike opponents are usually the richest and most powerful, typically the people whom a strike would never benefit because strikes are always about fighting for better conditions for those who are making the least amount of money, and have the least amount of power.
I do not endorse nor do I oppose this video, as I've not even seen it. I was asked to show the video, and since my opinion is not the only opinion in the world, here it is.

I saw a few days ago that Craig Mazin has written a post about this, though I haven't had a chance to read it either, please feel free. Craig opposes a SAG strike and I think is probably too pragmatic and willing to accept being pushed around by the studios, but his opinion is just as valid as anyone's, so there you have it.
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